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Dec 12, 2012 5:30pm PST
technological leap and especially frightening, given the country is believed to have nuclear weapons. >> the concern obviously is that this is really another step that would allow them to turn this into an icbm, an intercontinental ballistic missile, that could carry a nuclear weapon any place in the world. >> reporter: but the hard part is the guidance system and making a nuclear weapon small enough to fit atop those missiles. that means years of complicated work before americans would be in harm's way. yet little is known about the intentions of kim jong-un. as a young man, he reportedly loved watching america's michael jordan. since in power, we've seen him on horseback and at an amusing amusement park with his wife, as well as presiding over massive military parades. but kim's youth may be the real key to working with him. >> he is of another generation, and with social media, there is no question he is aware of changes in the world, and perhaps vulnerabilities for him and regime. >> reporter: but the fact that north korea had a successful launch does put kim in a stronger bargai
Dec 4, 2012 5:30pm PST
whole other section of the grocery store to this technology which we think is still not fully understood. >> reporter: there is no proven link between genetically altered food and health problems. but critics are skeptical about aquabounty studies and complain government scientists have not done enough independent work and ignore the unknown. they worry but have no proof this new fish will increase allergies and theorize its altered hormone system could somehow cause cancer. the fda's review of company data found those concerns unfounded. is this something i should be afraid of? >> man has been altering the nature of animals since man walked upright and began domesticating animals. >> reporter: a new lab-created meat in the pipeline for fda approval that is at once very different and just the same as america's favorite dish for dinner. same texture. eating frankenfish. >> please don't use that term. >> and jim avila with us now. so, jim, how soon could this be approved and in supermarkets? >> reporter: well, that's the latest mystery about this fish, diane. the fda just won't
Dec 10, 2012 5:30pm PST
-hand in kansas. new technologies unearthing previously untapped oil reserves there and across the u.s. the effects already being felt well beyond the gas pump. >> this unconventional revolution in oil and natural gas is already having a big impact on the united states. it has created something like 1.7 million jobs in the last few years. >> reporter: and consider this. the economists at moody's tell us, if gas prices drop another 50 cents this year, it will create another 350,000 jobs by this time next year. and in the next few months, pending no major disruptions, we could seal our grocery bills and the cost of medicines, many of them made out of petroleum, come down, too. >> sharyn alfonsi, thank you so much. >>> and now we turn to see, for the first time, the face of courage in the news. the navy s.e.a.l. who died in the daring rescue mission in afghanistan. the mission successfully freed a doctor who was part of a faith-based relief group. the price, a member of s.e.a.l. team 6. and abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz tells us now about the decision to send i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3